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After eight years church finds home

The Christian Faith Church is ready to build.

By Joel Nickel The Christian Faith Church has been without a permanent home for eight years since it was first founded in 2007 but that will soon change. The CFC has found a spot between Winkler and Reinfeld to build their church. At the sod turning ceremony on Aug 23rd, CFC Pastor Jake Krahn read from Psalms 127 verse 1, which he said tied in very well with the meaning behind the construction of the new church: Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good. ?We began as a church plant from the CMC conference back in 2007,? Pastor Jake Krahn said. ?August 26th was actually the first service that this church held and it was in J.R. Walkof school at that time. It?s now three days short of eight years and we?re finally starting construction on our own building.? Before their permanent church, which is expected to be completed construction in March or April of 2016, the CFC held their services at J.R Walkof Elementary By Joel Nickel Do you have a swath of Mennonite jokes you?ve been stockpiling? Prairie Boy Productions recently partnered with Electric Monk Media to create a mobile app called: That Mennonite JokeBook! ?It came about as [a question] ?how can I make the message of my film resonate in a very applicable way?? and one of those ways was to make an app of it,? said Orlando Braun, director of the documentary film: That Mennonite Joke. ?Every time I would talk about the film someone would come up to me and tell me another Mennonite joke and so I thought I?d make an app out of it.? Braun urges Mennonite jokesters to send their jokes to be included in the mobile app that is still currently in development. The app will be free but you can help fund the making of the app by purchasing a #MennoJoke t- shirt at https://tshirt.mennojoke. Joel Nickel Winkler Times Members of the Christian Faith Church turn sod at the new permanent location which is expected to be completed by March or April 2016. Left, com or by making a donation at ?It?s been hugely well received so far,? said Braun. ?When I talk about Mennonite jokes people just light up. They?re so eager to share and want [their joke] out there.? Initially, Braun wondered if some of the jokes would cause offense but said he hasn?t received any negative feedback so far. ?Mennonites have this sense of humour than seems to be about poking fun at ourselves, so we don?t seem to take offense,? said Braun. That?s despite jokes like this one that leads off the press release. ?What is the shortest book in the world? Mennonite War Heroes.? To submit jokes you can post them to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #MennoJoke or you may send jokes privately to the email address: School for around six months. ?In December of 2007 we moved into the building that used to house Pembina Printing,? said Krahn. ?We were in there for four years and then the owners wanted to do something else with the building and so they told us our lease wouldn?t be renewed and at that point we found [the 324 Cargill Rd. location] and by the time we move into the new location we?ll have been [at Cargill Rd.] for three years.? CFC is part of the Christian Mennonite Conference (CMC). ?It was a group of Mennonites who came from Russia and established their first church at Randolph near Steinbach,? said Krahn. Krahn says that longevity is what sets CFC apart from other churches in the area. ?We believe that the Bible is God?s Word and

Filmmaker looks for Mennonite jokes

The submissions must be received by August 31, 2015 in order to be included in the first release of the app. One of the submitted jokes will be selected for a t-shirt made by Menno Apparel, and released in time for the documentary film. The winning submitter will receive that particular t-shirt for free, as well as VIP entry to your local premiere of the film. That Mennonite Joke is in production with the support of MTS TV Stories From Home and Bravo FACTUAL. The film is a hilarious and insightful docu-comedy exploring humour in Mennonite culture! And will be released in the coming months. For more information visit: Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @mennojoke So what is Braun?s favourite Mennonite joke? What do you call a Mennonite poet? Corny Reimer.


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the Bible is the final authority,? said Krahn. ?I don?t know if that sets us apart, but history would play a big part of it as well; being able to be a part of the conference that is one of the longest running conferences within Canada.? The new location will be able to seat roughly 250 members of the congregation. ?We will have additional seats we can set up to 300,? said Krahn. ?So that?ll give us space for a sanctuary and at this point there?ll be space for about eight Sunday School classes and there will be a kitchen in there as well. A fairly nice foyer area and there?s provisions for future expansion on the one side which would then become a new sanctuary that would be added if we grow.? CFC would like anyone from the community to come and check them out if they so wish to. ?We?re always open to have people join us from any walk of life,? said Krahn. ?We worship the Lord and are more than happy to have people come and join us.?







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